Brought to you by Sara Lee Frozen Bakery | January 2022

With 53% of adults saying takeout or delivery is “essential to the way they live,” and 68% noting they are more likely to purchase takeout/delivery than they were pre-pandemic1 , delivery and off-premise dining occasions will continue to be integrated into consumers' lifestyles moving forward. In fact, delivery incidence is up +109%2 and consumers plan on increasing use by ~40% in 20223 while on-premise visits remain -37% below December 2019 levels?.4 Streamlining your operation to accommodate for the growing occurrence of off-premise dining will keep you on pace with consumer demand and help increase efficiencies and profitability.

Beyond traditional lunch and dinner orders, your customers continue to crave sweets, particularly those that provide comfort and are recognizant of nostalgic foods. 44% say they enjoy the same desserts they ate as a child and 35% stick to familiar desserts over something new5.Putting a twist on familiar favorites provides an experience your customers will return for. The mashup of increased delivery paired with crave-worthy sweets creates the perfect opportunity to make dessert a profit powerhouse for your bottom line.

Sweet Spotlight

With a wide variety of thaw-and-serve pies crafted by skilled bakers, Sara Lee Frozen Bakery helps you deliver the delicious desserts consumers seek during mainstream off-premise eating occasions. Pre-made options ease your labor limitations and pre-baked varieties nearly eliminate work required back of house. Learn more about our full line of Chef Pierre® pieshere

Tap into dessert delivery profits all day by offering Chef Pierre® pies to go. Consider adding whole pies as part of a family meal bundle and individual bowls and slices that travel well from foodservice establishment to consumer tables.

Craveworthy Desserts Made Easy

Delicious desserts don’t have to be labor intensive. Adding ingredients such as fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate chunks and even herbs you have on hand can boost flavor, texture and appeal while allowing an upcharge. As 38% of restaurant consumers desire more foods with a combination of flavors, 6 refreshing your dessert offerings to cater to evolving consumer palates can make all the difference. Here are some sweet menu solutions sure to drive repeat dessert purchases.

  • Dessert in the morning? Consumers are onboard. In fact, parfait purchase increased 25% 2020-2021. 7 Offer a portable breakfast, brunch or sweet snack option with an easyto-assemble TropicalCoconut Breakfast Parfait or Honey Cinnamon Blueberry Parfait.
  • Portable, palatable and protein-packed, a Banana Crème de la Crème Bowl made with banana cream pie, real bananas, peanut butter hummus, granola and peanuts will satisfy the many consumers seeking food with health benefits and unique textures.
  • Elevate the all-American apple pie by adding cheddar cheese and smoked bacon to create a Smokehouse Apple Pie – a sweet and savory dessert mashup craved by 28% of consumers. 8
Find more low-labor dessert inspiration here.

Motivating Purchase

Along with operators, more consumers are moving away from third-party ordering. With 68% of consumers preferring to order delivery through a restaurant’s website or app,9 be sure you’re leveraging this shift and making the most of your digital tools with these simple tips:

  • Place your dessert listing at the top of menus; include imagery to tempt and keep top of mind
  • Include a prompt “Don’t forget Dessert” with an enticing image before online orders are completed
  • Share photos of your desserts on your social channels and encourage engagement with customers
  • Entice purchases of standout sweets by emphasizing “house-made” or “house-prepared” and even “signature” on your dessert menu
  • Highlight desserts as part of a meal bundle offering
  • Consider a BOGO offer on a specific day of the week or a holiday feature

Making simple, yet notable modifications to your dessert menu and elevating your digital tools and off-site ordering platform can help bring efficiencies to your operation which lead to labor savings and increased profits. Contact your Sara Lee Frozen Bakery representative to learn more solutions that drive delivery and to-go dessert orders.

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